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CAN99e - Earloop Version

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  • The World Leading Filtration and Breathability of the CAṆ99™ in Earloops style

    • Modelled After the CAN99™ Surgical Respirator 
    • >99% Filtration
    • Industry-Leading Breathability
    • Earloops for a Comfortable Fit for Everyday use
    • Fully Biocompatible
    • Aluminum Nose Piece (MRI compatible)
    • Graphene and Fiberglass Free
    • For Non-Medical Use

    Testing Report

    Made in Canada

    The CAṆ99e is an earloop Face Mask version of the CAṆ99™ Surgical Respirator made for the general public. 

    All Vitacore masks and respirators are 100% recyclable through our PPE Recycling Program. Help us protect Frontline Workers, while also protecting our environment.

    Due to safety concerns, we are unable to accept any returns on masks or respirators

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